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Buying a house can be a daunting and somewhat of a scary process. Deposits, home loans, interest rates, mortgages….. is stressful for experienced investors, you’re still just getting your head around open homes, right? Where do you find the right advice, and then, who should you should you listen to or trust to make sure that you are getting the RIGHT advice without being scammed? Our First Home Buyers Club has all the info you need to get you from market newbie to savvy home owner or even investor. We understand the needs and fears of anyone new to the property ladder.

Feeling overwhelmed? It’s normal to feel a little vulnerable in the big bad real estate world. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know, right?

So, before you hit the open homes and start deciding on colour schemes, it’s important to get educated on your home-buying processes, so that the whole process is as stress free as possible – you’ll know what to expect and when to expect it! As a member of the First Home Buyers Club, we’ll take you step-by-step through the process, from saving for a deposit through to sealing the deal and making sure the move in to your new home goes without any problems. Like any club, we’re in it for our members, so you can be sure you’ll be receive knowledgeable, impartial honest and truthful advice to make your journey to home-ownership as cost-effective and stress-free as possible. With Marco First Home Buyers Club one thing is for sure you will NEVER be going it alone, we will always be by your side making sure that you are getting the best deal out in the market!


As a member of the Marco First Buyers Club, you will have access to:

· Property investment information and techniques suitable for a younger investor and first time buyers to help you achieve your long term property investment goals
· Direction and mentoring from experienced investors who will guide you through the whole investment process
· Networking and social opportunities to mix with like-minded investors
· Exclusive invites to events and investment workshops
· Special opportunities on properties
· Opportunities to buy Brick and mortar in some of our developments from a little as $1000
· Free access to our renovation workshops

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stage one: Deposit Options

· Consultation with our skilled consultants and mortgage brokers
· Saving
· Welcome Home Loan
· Super saver Withdrawal & First Home Buyer Grants
· Gifting
· Family Equity Loan

stage two: Home Loan Pre-Approval

· Getting ready to apply for a pre-approval
· Application Process
· Documentation Required
· Pre-Approval Conditions

stage three: Finding a House

· What are you looking for?
· Where to find properties?
· Buying at auction/by negotiation/by tender/fixed price
· Questions to ask

stage four: Making an Offer

· Sale and Purchase Agreement
· Conditions
· Deposits
· Role of your Solicitor

stage five: Going Unconditional

· Meeting Bank Conditions
· Valuations and Building Reports
· Paying your deposit

stage six: Home Loan Structure

· Types of Home Loans
· Fix or Float?
· Interest Rates
· Minimising your Interest Costs

stage seven: Signing a Mortgage

· Mortgage Documents
· Priority Sums
· Settlement Day

stage eight: Moving In

· Insuring what’s important
· Things to do
· Checklists
· People who can help!

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